Team Virtuous is completely focused to meet your product sourcing objectives from South Asian Region. Technology converted this once large global marketplace into a much smaller world. Today, international businesses access goods and services across different geographical regions but question remains how to find the best products from reliable overseas suppliers? Virtuous is your trusted Sourcing Service Provider on the ground to become your long term growth partner ensuring high quality, right price and timely deliveries from Indian subcontinent.

Virtuous specializes in connecting international buyers with trusted Indian suppliers Our portal of more than 200 vendors from all over South Asia is always accessible to our esteemed partners Virtuous customized sourcing services save money and time for companies spanning a wide range of industries:

Product Development and Sourcing

Every industry is ultimately driven by good product sourcing. The supply chain activity even starts right from discussion of a product conceptualization, Rapid Prototyping, Sample Testing, Design FMEA, Product validation, Bulk production, Packaging Design & testing for transportation. We provide “value added services” like designing & developing customized packaging , specialized labelling , barcoding and security tagging etc.

Virtuous makes best use of its experience to speed up the process of product development & sourcing. With our expertise we help identifying every possible area that accounts for significant cost savings for our buyers.

​Our pool of 200 + manufacturers across South Asian Region gives an opportunity to work with best suitable supplier. In addition Virtuous is well equipped to evaluate a specific, new vendor for their operational & financial strengths on the request of our buyer.

In short, Virtuous offer you bundle of services that includes

  • Accelerated time-to-market

  • Prompt response on last minute change in delivery of specs

  • Consistent quality

  • Timely deliveries

  • Close monitoring of Key Milestones

  • Periodical reporting

Product Design Services Support

Virtuous can help you providing new customised design and development services for any engineering product Our customised services from includes concept to idea generation design FMEA to prototype development, and testing to product validation. Our design service includes

  • Engineering Design Services
  • Rapid Prototyping Services
  • Reverse Engineering Services
  • Manufacturing Engineering Service
  • Value Stream Process Mapping
  • Jig and Fixture Design Services
  • Tool & Die Designing Services

Product Quality Service Support

“Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the client or customer gets out of it” – Peter F. Drucker

We at Virtuous believe that QC is a non value added activity wherein quality assurance is far more important in achieving product quality expectations.Through our quality planning & procedures we ensure every product manufactured at supplier’s factory meet the quality expectations at every stage of manufacturing to avoid any possibility of last minute surprise. Our team ensure that final product meet technical specifications and parameters laid down by our Principals. We aim to minimise the risk of faulty product and create a high levels of customer satisfaction.

Our highly experienced quality team ensures that every aspect of product quality expectations are met with either in-house capabilities or 3rd party outsourced services. We follow a multi -level quality assurance model, which focuses on both in-process & final product quality.

Our motto is “ First Time Right” be it product development, bulk production or communication. The objective of our multi-level quality assurance model is to pre-empt to any potential problems; and be pro-active in providing solutions to any problems that arise. Any deviation in quality – if found – brought to the buyer’s notice and material is shipped only on buyer’s approval.

While quality assurance procedures deployed at every stage of manufacturing ensure right quality production. but a random inspection as per defined AQL of the finish goods is also undertaken to ensure

  • Product Quality which includes functionality, appearance and workmanship.
  • Packaging & Labelling on the product including barcodes, tags and labels on the product & inner packs and master cartons markings.
  • Drop tests are conducted depending on the product and customer requirements.
  • Product Count as per purchase order & invoice.
  • Pre shipment detail inspection reports are shared with Buyers and photographic evidence & videos clips are also provided where ever issues are serious. Once Buyer approves the report the factories are provided with written consent to ship goods. This ensures only approved quality goods are accepted and shipped.

Logistic Service Support

Cost effective sourcing is a result of excellence in pre-production, production and post-production activities. Efficiently managed shipment consolidation and tracking not only ensures timely delivery, but also significant cost savings for our buyers.
Our logistics and demand management team works in perfect synergy with buyer’s nominated consolidator to plan an effective cargo consolidation. Needless to say we ensure consolidation of only the quality approved goods, be it LCL or FCLs, leading to optimization of shipping costs. Our MIS provides regular periodic updates on shipping status.

Value Added Services

Virtuous can extend many more value added services e.g. market due diligence, setting up liaison office in India, audits and compliances statutory requirements for Liaison office etc. In addition Virtuous has pool of carefully selected service providers that includes Charted Accountants, Certified Quality professionals for audits, reputed bankers to help you enhance your footprint in Indian subcontinent.

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