Forging Parts

Forging Parts

The forging of metals is one of the oldest working techniques of mankind. Art of the forging techniques dates to at least 4000 BC and earlier. Open die iron forging way was something the 19th century Black Smiths were greatly proficient and skilled with their hammer.

The industrial revolution and the World War II also had a great impact on the forging industry and its techniques. It paved way for enhanced forging press / processes, and forging machine. Forging parts have wide variety of application in Automotive, Agricultural machinery, Oil & Gas industry, Hand Tools, Shipbuilding, Aerospace and more.

We understand the forging for decades, our plant develop & produce complex forging parts based on customer drawing. WE do reverse engineering based on customer sample as well.

Our production shop is equipped with state of art manufacturing facility to provide components duly forged, machined, heat treated and powder coated as per RoHS compliance.

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