Casting Parts

Casting Parts

Non ferrous metal casting is a process that has been around since 3200 BCE, which makes it one of the most influential industrial processes of all time. Over the past thousands of years, the technique has been updated and the metals have evolved, but the concept remains timeless.

When creating a casting, it’s crucial to work with the appropriate metal for the job, which would ideally satisfy not only any mechanical requirements needed but also visual aesthetic. Non-ferrous metal castings are renowned for their high-quality nature to fulfil nearly any product development needs.

Non-ferrous metal casting represents a very specialized stratum of this multi-layered industrial practice. The metal is heated and melted until its crystalline structure dissolves and becomes liquefied.

Non-ferrous metals are generally used for structural applications due to their long list of beneficial properties, but aren’t limited – there are numerous products that can be made with non-ferrous casting. Some reasons to choose non-ferrous materials include, 1) High strength-to-density ratio, 2) Corrosion-resistant, 3) Lighter weight, 4) Highly conductive, 5) Traditional or decorative value, 6) Non-magnetic properties.

Virtuous offers variety of parts in Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Zinc. Mainly for Electrical and Auto Electrical Industry.

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