Mechanical Lugs

Mechanical Lugs

Mechanical Cable Lugs are designed for use in low and medium voltage cables terminations.

A mechanical lug is a heavy-duty lug often used in electrical and construction applications. It’s designed to accommodate a wide range of connectors used in low and medium voltage cable terminations. Also referred to as “electrical lugs,” mechanical lugs are used for larger wires and cables. They’re often constructed from aluminium or copper.

We offer wide range of lug sizes and produced from high-strength extruded aluminium alloy. They’re also electro-tin plated and come with slotted screws for easy installation.

Some of our Lugs are UL and CAS tested and made for all types of uses and wire types. Our readily available types are Single wire Lugs, Double Wire Lugs, Triple wire Lugs, Multi wire Lugs & Panel board Lugs.

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