Organic Product

The nectar of the God, the soothing salve of kings, the ambrosia of the tropics, the elixir of lovely people from South Asia.
Sustainably harvested and sourced from organic plantations island-wide, our organic products are processed into packages of export quality goodness.
All the nourishment in the world once wrapped in a little nutshell, modest just like the people it’s sustained for millennia and many more generations to come, now gifted from our palms to yours…
In today’s world healthy food and clean eating habits many ingredients labelled as ‘super-foods’ are taking up the world by storm. Among such super-foods, the coconut has held a prominent place.
Having identified the need to support this global clean eating revolution with minimally-processed ingredients that maximize health and nutrition benefits we offer you the range of our organic products. Our products are certified for USDA and Kosher Check Certifications.